Brain based therapies and exercises to optimise movement, learning and social skills in children

Optimise Movement

Improve co-ordination and agility so mind and body work in harmony to optimise safe movement.

Enhance Learning

Improve attention span, concentration and focus to create school readiness and positive academic behaviour.

Improve Social Skills

Improve eye contact with others whilst building self-esteem and confident interaction with friends and community.

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What is Brainfit Kids?

Brain based exercise programs to optimise movement, learning, and social skills in children.

Children playing-homepage

Our proprietary program is the perfect balance of physical movement, mental challenge and social exercises to help children thrive.

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Child writing-homepage

Our Programs

1 on 1 visits in-clinic | Home visits | Remote programs | Interactive Metronome home program |  Safe & Sound listening program | Parent & educator workshops

Our Therapies

Brain based therapy and exercise programs
to build healthier brain connectivity
for children with learning and behavioural challenges.

Dr. Michelle Scholten

Functional neurology is an exciting and dynamic field and revolutionary clinical approach that utilises emerging technology and innovative thought to maximise neurologic potential and improve quality of life.
Dr Michelle Scholten is a Fellow of the International Board of Functional Neurology and specialises in childhood neurodevelopmental disorders. (FIBFN-CND)

“With my unique program, I will help your child achieve improved brain balance and hemispheric integration so they experience better movement, learning, social engagement, and interaction with friends, family, and community.”

Dr Michelle Scholten

If you would like to discuss your needs and learn  how Brainfit Kids may help your child, schedule a 15-minute call with Dr Michelle Scholten.

Real Results

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Online course | Parent and educator workshops | Support staff workshops | Social skills classes | Neurosage home program | Teen program | Brainfit Kids intensive programs

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